Spiritual Growth

A lot has occurred since my last post, more than a month ago.  Spiritually I am growing by leaps and bounds.  Where do I start?

I’m in surrender mode; this method of operating in spirit when I am instructed to.  There is no anxiety or fear when Spirit is guiding.  It is a simple nudge and an opening of doorways.  I find myself speaking, writing, or doing with the utmost fluidity.  It is a presence that I’m not certain I have ever fully felt before.  There is no ego; no concern or attachment to the outcome.  The results are amazing because it has nothing to do with my expectations; I have no expectations.

My latest article at Bellaonline.com Raising the Vibrational Energy of Earth is one such experience of moving in the spirit.  Normally, after writing an article I am concerned about how the audience will like it.  I wonder if they get it?  I am concerned about the numbers and my relevance in the work.  This time though, by just writing it, being a conduit for the words, the idea, I had no concerns when I was done.  My normal ego response is to check the numbers and I did that this time too.  This time though, I was full of laughter.  I was aware of my ego’s need to check the numbers, but I was unattached to the outcome of approval.  I found that I was more interested in how the article would affect others; were they being touched as I was?  The numbers are still not as high as my previous article, but I was led to The Master Shift.

Soon, Spirit had me contacting the Founder of The Master Shift and discovering that she and I had received the exact same message about this movement she began.  I should have been awe/star struck at speaking to her; after all she has founded a movement that has almost 50k Facebook followers in its wake.  Instead though, I felt no attachment to the outcome.  I know I am supposed to be a part of this movement and when the time is right it will flow.  As long as I move in spirit, my supporting role will do the Movement justice (to be continued).

I see a lot clearer these days and have so much to share with you.  This spiritual journey is amazing and I am sure many of you are experiencing many of the things that I am and this is where my blog will be headed.

I feel confident enough, at this point in my life, to truly share this journey with you.  Feel free to comment here or on Facebook (I like “likes”).

C ya soon!


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