Synchronicity or Accident?

Yesterday, I dropped my middle child off at her friends’ house for a play date.  Then, I proceeded to better secure my youngest child’s car seat.  While driving, I had noticed, through my rearview mirror that my sleeping angel was tilted (mental note: tell my husband that he must let me know if he does not secure the seat when returning it).

Next, I decided to look for a pie shop.  I could go to my favorite grocery store, Mariano’s, but then, I would have to wake Sleeping Beauty and I certainly do not want to do that.  I was having a heck of a craving and was certain that someone had told me that a great pie shop was near here.  A pie shop in this area should be right at the curbside and I can get my pie and keep my eye on the Princess.  Yep, almost right around the corner.

Normally, when I leave this location, I drive straight down Wilson Avenue headed east.  On this day, to be certain of the fastest way to get to my pie shop destination, I decide to check my smartphone map.  “#!?% Why doesn’t my map ever recognize that I am not at home.  It should know exactly where I am when I ask for frigging directions!!!”  So, now I spend another 2-3 minutes trying to figure out what setting is causing the problem.  Finally, after checking a few things and seeing nothing out of whack, I give up and decide to put in my current location and follow the directions to the pie shop.

Upon arrival, I discover that the shop is not at the curbside.  I drive around a two block radius in each direction to confirm that I cannot get my pie while watching the sleeping royal 4-year-old.  I park and peer; “Nope.  I cannot have my pie and eat it too.”  So, I decide that I will have to get that pie later.  Right now I should get home.  “Hmm?  Will I get caught in traffic?  No, it’s perfect timing (5:54pm).  And off I go, oops, no can do.  There are cars holding me to my parking spot.  Okay, now I can go.

As I approach the corner of Wilson & Sheridan Rd., traffic is strange.  I am only the third car in a line and we seem to be stagnate.  The light turns red.  I text my husband, “STATUS CHECK.”  It’s 5:56pm.  “Why are these people all running to this side of the street?  The energy is weird here; what is going on.  The light is green, can we drive please?  STOP BEING SO NOSY!  WHAT THE HELL IS EVERYONE LOOKING AT!”

Then, I saw the legs of two men lying on the ground.  I see a woman Police Officer running up.  I notice the red puddle on the sidewalk.

For all of my lame ass fiddling, pie shop searching, my bitching about car seat security, and drivers that won’t let me out of my parking spot, I live.  For all of my mindless time-wasting, I just missed it.  Just minutes ago, a shooter in a white sedan drove down this same street in this same direction, stopped at this corner, sprayed shots that injured 4 and killed 1, made a U-turn, and sped back down the same street toward me.

I missed it all.  Thank you God, Mother Earth, the spirits of the North, South, West, and East, and thank you to my Spirit Guides.

I do not believe in accidents.


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