The Hero’s Journey/The Alchemist in Real Life

Wednesday was not a good day.  I laid around all day.  I had no energy to do anything active.  I wanted to be left alone and while I did not eat the worst things on the face of the earth, I did not make a point to eat the healthiest.  I was drowning out the voice and hiding from the calling.

Inside of this day, I have been shown so much and I am afraid.  

It is time to start doing actual metaphysical healings on a regular basis.  That means, not just helping friends and loved ones that I know, but setting up shop.

For years, I have done spirit work through personal Life Coaching sessions, energy readings, tarot readings, and Group Meditations.  I’ve spoken with spirits that have passed on.  I’ve used light energy to show people the way to finding their own personal solutions.  I have taught people how to communicate with their Higher-Self and I have done remote hearings and communications.

When I first began this work I was a child and I simply gave messages/readings.  As I got older it began to feel like I was only reading people’s pasts and giving little information about their future.  I believe this was The Universe’s way of helping me strengthen my skill.  When we tell people about their energy and their past, they can confirm our knowledge which helps us gain confidence in what we do.  Unfortunately, my ego eventually jumped in and began to embellish or interpret the images I saw and messages I heard.  I now know that this was not the best arrangement.  Truth exists in exactly what we see or hear, no embellishments necessary.

Every step of the way there is a lesson.  For awhile, I kept my knowledge to myself and when I spoke it was without confidence or certainty of how to approach people.  I remember, after giving a beautiful young lady an inspiring message from her deceased mother, being asked if I was certain that the voice I was hearing was with God.  That person even compared me to whores that Jesus spoke with and proceeded to say that I should check my resource because the devil comes in disguise.  I now understand that the lesson there was in having confidence and understanding that at any time.  Moreover, I also remembered that I had the right to say, “I don’t want to do this right now.”  The young lady later apologized, but I was done for quite awhile after that.  

Even with all of my experience I do not think I ever understood the truth in what I was doing.  Never before had I understood that my work was meant to heal.  Certainly, I did not understand the depth of the work.  For those that come to me, whether it is by phone, email, reading my Inspirational site, or in person, my work with them is meant to begin the process of spiritual healing.  Sure, I was always determined to teach my clients how to navigate their course and hear their own messages without dependence upon me.  Still, I did not understand that they needed a bit of energy patch work, spiritual awareness, and brighter light on their path to wellness.

There are so many ways to begin healing a spirit/soul and while I might have a ritual for preparing myself, the work I do for each client will vary.  There is past life regression, energy balancing, mediumship, shadow work, soul retrieval, and so much more.  

Just as I am a visual learner and an attentive listener on this plane, I am most capable in my spirit work using the same skills.  My interest in and love for learning aid me in getting to the root cause of people’s fears and wounds.  

Most importantly, I have to be in the Spirit while working.  I have to do as I am instructed by Spirit; no more, no less.  There is no room for ego here.

And all of this is scary.  Settling into this knowledge, preparing to actually do “The Hero’s” work (reference The Alchemist in Review) is frightening.  Tonight though, I remain awake because I am determined to face my fear, to talk myself through it and accept this new task.   

“If you believe yourself worthy of the thing you fought so hard to get, then you become an instrument of God, you help the Soul of the World, and you understand why you are here.”  -Paulo Coehlo (Author of The Alchemist)


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