About Me…

IMG_1139IMG_1125IMG_1128As a child people often asked me why I was speaking to myself.  In complete confusion I would respond, “I am not talking to myself, I am talking to God.”  Strangely enough, He always answered me.  He would show me where lost things were.  He would tell me about people’s illnesses.  He would warn me of danger and give me messages to communicate to others.  I believed everyone was having a similar experience or at least that they could.

At age 13, my mother offered me meditative tools, from Jose Silva, to help me focus my natural telepathic skills.  In High School, I was often the class Psychologist (so to speak) for my classmates and friends.  My connection to the Spirit World was so natural and clear and my service was sincere.

During the pregnancy of my second child, I became a Certified Silva Method Instructor and Life Coach.  Overtime though, I put my practice on hold to focus on my family.

In 2011, I was bursting at the seams with a need to return to service.  So, I began coaching a very small group of clients and writing for Bellaonline.com.

In 2012, the calling was intense.  I understood that I could not simply return doing exactly what I had always been doing, but that it was time to increase my services and extend my net.

Today, alongside Mother Earth, Father God, and my Spirit Guides, I serve infinite existence of Earth by heeding my calling as a Shaman.  Through crafting communications, organizing gatherings, and directing healings, I live my purpose of inspiring and supporting Whole Health and Self-Realization; healing.

For the rest of my life, everyday, I hope to inspire someone.  I hope to inspire you to LOVE/HEAL.  That means, I hope to touch the most sensitive space in your very being.  I hope to awaken the power of healing/loving energy that resides within you and forces you to recognize your worth.  I hope to reach the very depths of your soul and bring you to a place of compassion.  I want to awaken the brightest light and the purest energy that willed you to life.

Contact me via Facebook, Twitter, or email me at inspiration@bellaonline.com.


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