clarity begets clarity, detox day 10

It’s day 10 and I have been on vacation from this detox (lol).  After my major break through I had a moment of, “everything is perfect.”  

I’ve taken the last of my probiotic and realizing that I need another bout.  I feel amazing.  I’ve lost 15 lbs.  My skin is clearer, my body feels lighter and less tense.  I am happier and clear; mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  Everything seems to be falling into place perfectly.

For the record, inside of your detox you should expel lots of gas, mucus, and toxins (unless you were already clean).  I did a lot of that.  In response my singing voice is much clearer, my skin too.  I had tension, in my back and shoulders, that has dissipated.  And I am more flexible.

Most importantly, just as my body has a healthier flow, so do other aspects of my life.  During the detox I heard Spirit say, “Your shamanic training has moved to on the job training.  It’s time to teach a new workshop.”  The topic and outline for the workshop were readily available to me.  Even better, as soon as I posted the schedules the  workshops filled up; the second one filled within 24 hours.  In addition, opportunities for online workshop listings and ebook publishing have been legitimately presented to me.  Research has arrived at my doorstep before I even suggested it to The Universe and I’ve become a lot more mild mannered.

I am a believer, and still I am always amazed at the results.


Look out for my online workshops, coming this Spring.  

NOTE:  I’m willing to bring my workshop to your neck of the woods for a group of at least 10.  Interested?  Let’s talk.

3 days to go; detox day 7

I watched the Happiness Advantage with Shawn Anchor.  I am enjoying how scientist/Psychologist/Psychiatrist is using actual research to prove that Mind/Medicine really works.  It is the documented research that I have been hoping for, for years.

In his DVD Special, Shawn Anchor says he has 5 steps, in 21 days, that will bring you closer to happy.

Step 1:  Express gratitude for 3 things everyday; and nothing is to be repeated.

Step 2:  Write down a Meaningful Experience in your life.  Write out as many details as you can recall; the feeling, descriptions, sounds, etc.  This allows you to relive the moment, because your brain can’t tell the difference between the actual event and the clear recollection of the event.

Step 3:  Smile 3x in each day in situations you would normally not smile.

Step 4:  Spend 15 minutes indulging in a fun activ-ity (active being key here)

Step 5:  Have a meaningful communication (takes about 2 minutes) with someone, anyone, everyday.

These are things I also ask my clients to do, but I have not paired them together as Shawn has here.  The DVD is wonderful and is full of great suggestions for happiness.

Because research is not complete if we do not try it out, I started a Happiness Advantage journal.  I’m feeling great!  

3 days to go.

Clarity, detox Day 5


I have often stated that, “people that are overweight are not obese because they do not know how to eat or workout.  We are overweight/obese because we are covering up some emotional or spiritual fear; we are holding something back.  Creating a blockage in our energy, our bodies, and our growth; we are not releasing our greatest gift to the world; our true essence and what we came to offer.  And people that are underweight, due to an eating disorder, don’t believe that they are worthy.  They do not want to be seen.  They especially do not want their blemishes (self-established ideas of imperfection) to be noticed.”  I heard this once in a meditation, when Spirit was asking me to step forward and rise to the challenge.

Often, we create a private room within us that is a darkened sanctuary.  If we don’t let anyone or any love in, it gets darker and darker.  Some people allow it to consume them.  As a result, they commit crimes against themselves and/or others.

A simple detox can offer a cure.  Within that detox things like meditation and self-care add speed to the process, but a simple detox is a perfect place to begin.  It provides clarity; mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

Mental clarity allows you to listen, remember, and learn with a sharpness that may have been missing.  It allows you to have quicker responses to challenges and smarter solutions for the long haul.  It also allows you to see your worth clearer.

Physical clarity includes clearing your skin, killing off bacteria, removing toxins, cleaning your joints, melting pounds, and erasing cravings.  It also allows you understand how your body works and where you need to give it more attention.

Spiritual clarity allows you to hear Spirit.  It provides direction and understanding.  You are able to grasp spiritual solutions to the challenges in your life.  You are able to witness the synchronicity of your own life and become more aware of opportunities you are presented with.  Spiritually, you begin to gather that you are loved, unconditionally, within the Universe and that you have a purpose.

Emotional clarity allows you to forgive and release fears.  You begin to understand that everything is actually in divine order.  You begin to love more.

Financial clarity is in making decisions about where your money is coming from and going to.  During a detox, it is easier to gather your goals and make a plan.

It is day 5 of my detox and the clarity is creeping in, like the sun sprawling across a bedroom floor as the day passes.  It makes me beam with joy, light, love, and understanding.

Today, I am going to promote a book by Doreen Virtue, Constant Craving.  In it she offers answers to why you crave certain foods.  It is a look at how your emotional health affects your physical health.


Significance, detox day 4

Food can heal or cripple the body, mind, and emotion of a person.  A detox carries the toxins away and allows our energy and oxygen to flow.  It allows us to get back on track mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

On Day 4 of my detox, I greeted my local Grocer with my normal, “Hello Samuel.  How are you today?”  He responded, “I am well.  And even better now that you are gracing me with your presence.”  I laughed.  This response is so cute and becoming of older gentlemen, it brings out the sun in me.  “Thank you Samuel, I needed to hear that today,” I said.  “As well you should hear it,” he says.  “You are significant anywhere you are.  And anyone that you are considering spending your life with should light up when you enter the room, because he/she knows that your presence is significant.”

Wow! I love that.

Here’s a great book on detoxing.


I read detox many years after I began to detox.  It is written in laymen’s terms, by Denise Whichello Brown.  I love it!  It is really good at explaining why the good things you intake are good for you.  It made my efforts (and the words of my herbalist) make more sense; especially because it is written down for you to reference anytime.


Food, Rest, & Swedish Bitters; detox Day 2


On Monday, I enjoyed 2 bowls of broth and a salad.  I wanted to avoid food altogether for my first day, but Riley and I were doing some simple adding and subtracting.  My choices were sleep (because detoxing often renders you exhausted) or salad; the salad won.

I’ve eased into this well, but the night before I began I was up until 5am.  I ate a bagel & drank espresso w/cream and sugar (one of my favorite desserts – if you have been calling this a meal you are kidding yourself).

So far, so good.  I’ve not been too cranky.  I’ve had no caffeine headaches or strong sugar cravings.  I am craving an outdoor walk, but Chicago’s temps are below zero.

Last night I enjoyed a long, hot, salt bath and a good winter’s nap.  Thinking of it, I slept a lot yesterday.  Today, I am starting the day with Swedish Bitters.  While the taste is something less than desirable, I like them because they offer great energy while making digestive corrections in my system.  The history of bitters talks about how they were used to correct many illnesses in Sweden.  In the past, I have been able to fast for seven days and still run at least 4 miles (maximum 10 mile walk) each day because of the bitters.  Look into them and see if they are anything that could assist you.

Meanwhile, my skin is a lot clearer in only two days.  My joints, (though they had not been aching before) feel loose and light (detoxing gets rid of inflammation in the joints); I’m always surprised at this side effect because you don’t know that there is a problem with your joints until they feel like the joints of a teenager again.  My eyesight is sharper and my brain is clearer.

Doing exceptionally well.  Looking and feeling smaller.

I’ll keep you posted.

The Big Girl Detox


My angels were reduced to some of the worst fits during their detox.  That said, they never requested any fast foods.  On their last night, before starchier foods (breads, pastas, and oatmeal; but not sugar) were allowed back into their diets, we went grocery shopping.  I am happy to say that while they insisted on having pizza Friday (2 days later), they also requested tacos (lots of veggies  and no gluten here; sometimes you take what you can get when it comes to healthy & kids), and a whole ham for Saturday.

I asked them about their best eats during the detox.  Their list included:  Sorbet (frozen berries only), quinoa bowls (quinoa, broccoli, and sautéed greens w/onions & peppers), green salad (w/roasted chicken and salsa), & apples w/cinnamon.  🙂

I, on the other hand, am headed into the most intense part of my detox.  For the first 5-days, I attempt to do all liquid; green veggie juices, veggie broth, and tea (raw green rooibos is my favorite; helps me do without the caffeine).  At the same time I am cleansing the upper and lower intestines with a chlorophyll and water drink, psyllium hulls capsules, and colonics.  During the second 5 days I add heavy probiotics (RAW Probiotics 5-day formula).  If you are prone to Candida, like me, these probiotics are great at killing off the bad bacteria/Candida overgrowth.  That said, the die-off is so intense you feel like you have the worst case of the flu.  In response, I make certain to have a few more colonics to get rid of the toxins.  I eat only raw veggies and nuts and I drink lots of the same liquids from the first 5-days.  In addition, I flush my liver daily with lemon, garlic, and olive oil each night (If you are considering a Big Girl Detox, please consult your Health Care Practitioner).

A few of my more favored practices that I indulge in during my detox include:

1)  Daily Meditation;  3x per day in fact.  I use it to hear Spirit clearly and to visualize the successes of my detox

2)  Dry Skin Brushing; a long handle natural brush and long strokes help exfoliate skin, drain the lymphatic system, increase circulation, and reduce cellulite.

3)  Talk Fasting; simply be quiet for the first hour of the morning and one hour before bed.

4)  Oil Pulling; Sesame oil swished through the teeth for a minimum of 30 seconds, 3x per week for a healthier mouth, which is where a lot of health problems begin.  I also brush with baking soda & peroxide and I practice tongue scraping (to cleanse my tongue of the white, toxic show of thrash during the detox).

5)  Swedish Bitters; a terribly bitter, herbal liquid, that improves the operation of your entire digestive system.


I hope you consider a few of these practices on your road to whole health.

May you enjoy a peaceful detox and a happy life.

Detox Time 2014




Anytime a client or friend comes to me mentioning a physical illness I suggest they start with a good detox.  The type of detox you do will vary based on your habits, your health, and your overall goal.  As a Metaphysical Life Coach, I take you through a few steps that accompany the process of figuring out the best solution for you and I always suggest that you consult your healthcare practitioner for best results. 

My girls and I are doing our annual detox.  For them we start with 3 days of fruits, veggies, and real meat (chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, nothing processed) plus, one treat a day.  A treat consists of any one serving of anything not on the menu.  So, a sandwich, cereal, hot chocolate, or brownie would be considered a treat.  To drink, the girls are allowed unsweetened herbal tea and water.  The next 3 days comes with the same menu, minus the treat.  The next 3 days cancels out the meat (this part is easiest because my girls do not thrive on meat).  The last day is raw veggies only.  Finally, the girls are able to add fruit in one day, then, meat the next, anything except actual sugar for 3 days.  Then, they are allowed back into their old habits, as long as they are eating things at home (including sweet treats; no fast foods or pkup/carry-out); this way, I am aware of the ingredients.  Besides that, I do not purchase a lot of processed items for them to munch on.  During this entire process, my girls are being administered herbs, enzymes, and probiotics that help to break down and remove excess toxins within their bodies; and add in good bacteria.  Thus, there are a lot more trips to the loo and interesting co-dependence behaviors expressed.  This detox process occurs every January and every June for my girls. 

My detox is a lot more intense and thorough, generally climaxing to a fast (abstinence of all food) in combination with a series of colonics, and an intake of liver and intestinal flushes.  This level of detoxing is not for the faint of heart and is not suggested for every being. 

That said a detox is a cleansing.  A cleansing works well for whole health in that it creates clarity and good health mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally; which creates more mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity for better financial decisions. 

If you are considering a detox or cleanse of sorts, but scared of the challenge, try abstaining from other habits as a challenge to your capabilities of mind over matter strength. 

Check here each week for a new challenge throughout the month of February:

I’ll give you a heads up on Friday and we will begin the challenge on Sunday.  Chime in with your successes and your challenges.

Next step, get yourself a good Metaphysical Life Coach/Practitioner to help you through your detox process.

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