3 days to go; detox day 7

I watched the Happiness Advantage with Shawn Anchor.  I am enjoying how scientist/Psychologist/Psychiatrist is using actual research to prove that Mind/Medicine really works.  It is the documented research that I have been hoping for, for years. In his DVD Special, Shawn Anchor says he has 5 steps, in 21 days, that will bring you closer… Continue reading 3 days to go; detox day 7

Clarity, detox Day 5

I have often stated that, “people that are overweight are not obese because they do not know how to eat or workout.  We are overweight/obese because we are covering up some emotional or spiritual fear; we are holding something back.  Creating a blockage in our energy, our bodies, and our growth; we are not releasing… Continue reading Clarity, detox Day 5

Food, Rest, & Swedish Bitters; detox Day 2

On Monday, I enjoyed 2 bowls of broth and a salad.  I wanted to avoid food altogether for my first day, but Riley and I were doing some simple adding and subtracting.  My choices were sleep (because detoxing often renders you exhausted) or salad; the salad won. I’ve eased into this well, but the night before… Continue reading Food, Rest, & Swedish Bitters; detox Day 2