Mentally/Career and Education

cropped-img_0639.jpgFor me, mental health is about our intellectual growth.  It’s about growth in our education, career, and/or ability to indulge in philosophical conversation (regarding history, politics, religion, money, and/or culture).

Because I am home/un-schooling my girls, I have to stay open-minded and be willing to learn.  I am constantly expanding my knowledge in Natural Health, culture, education, and design.  I am recently gathering knowledge in the categories of history and politics.  I’m pretty good at math and have miles to go in the categories of science and technology.

When it comes to my girls, I have been considering trying an online program that gives us some direction. is my highest contender right now.  Since I enjoy culture and am recently engaged in learning more about ancient cultures, I have decided that World Book’s Ancient Peoples program is a great way for me to expand my knowledge.  In doing so, I will grasp the attention of my girls too.  They are currently interested in Geography, Math, Writing, and History.  So, this program could do so much for each of us.  Through historic and cultural education, we will be exposed to a plethora of other subjects.

Additionally, I have recently decided that it is time to stop spinning my wheels and utilize my passion, purpose, and skills to hone in on a career that provides mental and financial wellness (as well as, touching on each spoke of my whole health wellness).  So, I am reading Ken Robinson’s, Finding Your Element, Janet & Craig Attwood’s, The Passion Test, and Gail A. Cassidy’s, Discover Your Passion; simultaneously.

Most importantly, I am challenging myself to write regularly since I ultimately, I believe this is how I will fulfill my passion and purpose.

I’ll keep you posted.


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