Family & Emotion

IMG_1687I believe that most parents are genuinely giving parenthood the best they have available within them at any given time.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” equation.  Every family situation, parent combination, child, and lifestyle is different.  Our individual experiences shape the way we approach parenting and our goals of accomplishment in this matter.  We will not know if our methods have worked until our babies become adults.

The route I chose, was to begin as an at-home-mom.  As a result, I have become an Un-school Mom of three girls.  I love what we are doing, but I have no idea if it is working.  Therefore, I am always re-evaluating our situation.  When I see something going on with them I look at myself and my influence, I look at the personality of my child, and I discuss the observation with my husband.  Often, this process results in us trying something new (because there is always an opportunity to learn and often that requires change).  Other times, it results in us keeping a closer eye on the situation and changing our habits.

I have strong opinions on parenting, but I know many paths can take us to the same destination.  These are my family’s experiences.


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