Physical Health

gluten-free breakfastlatteYum-oh!Physical Health is about our diet, exercise, and medical diagnosis.  To date, I have no known diseases.  I chalk it up to detoxing; I have done wonderful cleanses and detox programs.  I stopped taking medications in High School.  The decision was sealed when, after taking iron pills, I was awakened in the middle of the night, vomiting .  While I am a holistic/alternative medicine kind of girl, I always tell people to take the route that is best for them. I am a little overweight at this stage of my life and am aiming for 135lbs.  These days, I am challenging myself to adapt new and improved habits that improve my physical health.  These habits would include a gentle, weekly detox (just consuming water to allow the body to take a break and catch up on it’s normal detox processes), eating whole foods (getting rid of processed items), adapting a 60% raw, plus meats, and limited sugar substances (honey, natural sugar, maple service, and agave nectar) diet, exercising daily, and lots of water.

I actually enjoy my healthiest diet, but I am a hell of a baker, and I really like coffee w/lots of cream and sugar.  Ideally, I will adapt my optimum diet at home and be able to enjoy nights out with friends and family without guilt or concern.

In terms of exercise, running is good to me.  I also enjoy yoga and walking.  Ultimately, I need a routine that can travel with me, even when my husband does not.

It has been a journey, and each day I get wiser.  Here, I will write about the choices I make for my family and what our experiences yield.


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