“When I say Shaman, what does that mean to you?” When I ask this, most people say, “Healer.” A Healer of what though? Are we healing the of the body, the spirit, the mind? What is being healed? For so long, Pagan practices or ethnic & cultural spiritual concepts have been devalued & ridiculed except when they are “properly” packaged & marketed by European/American) men.


I am a Shaman. Or at least I am being groomed by Spirit to manage this responsibility. I simply facilitate or translate communication between two worlds/languages. Do I heal? Not in the way you might think. Actually, I bring your awareness to what needs to be healed. Then, I inspire healing within you with the possibilities of the how & the why you are in need of this in the first place.


I am a Shaman (in-training), mom of 3 amazing girls, and an American woman of color, living through a time of feminine energy rising.


From my perspective, this is one of the most exciting times to be alive. It is a time of change, awakening, and reckoning. If you haven’t felt it, you are likely not alive.

Since 2012, I have had an understanding that this is a time of feminine energy rising. I am not alone in this understanding. In fact, as you read this, the idea might be resounding within you.
Because we have all been brainwashed to believe that masculine energy is meant to lead and stand superior, we struggle with the truth before us. Re-learning to hear, to listen, to communicate, and to believe in ourselves is a part of this journey.

Now is a time for redefining our roles; taking on robes that are best suited for us. The change has begun with women accepting the responsibilities of leadership; no matter how big or small.

Leadership is also being redefined. While male-energy-leadership was about dominance, superiority, money, and often self-centered/driven control, feminine-energy-leadership is more about nurturing, supporting, challenging each of us to become our best selves; fulfilling our purpose.

In the wake of this great change, men will find that the old guise of leadership was never a great fit for them. Under the old concept of leadership men were often required to wear a hat that they were never quite comfortable with; controlling, manipulating, and conforming. They were unable to be authentic, supportive, giving, and child-like.

After years of living in such disingenuous manners, and being rewarded for it, it is difficult for us to accept the truths that are before us. For many, it feels stressful and overwhelming, but that is only about our resistance to the inevitable change that is occurring.

In this blog, while I am growing, I aim to inspire you to reconnect to your intuition, purpose, and self-acceptance/love; that is, self-realization. I will share messages given me, experiences that encourage, and questions that make you think. I will make suggestions that you may consider outside of the box of what you have been taught is acceptable. I will ask you to reckon with what feels right within you. I will challenge you to heal, to grow, and to return to your path of self-realization.




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