My Purpose My Position




This month in Ferguson, Missouri a young Black man was shot and killed by a Caucasian police officer. The incident has caused an outpouring of rage and racial divide across America. It is not the first time an incident has created such unrest in America and it will not be the last.

Every event of this magnitude is meant to inspire change and growth.

Unfortunately, many of these incidents only last in our minds until we hear a verdict from the judicial system. Then, slowly we return to our normal lives with a perception of our world/nation to add to our mental notes/libraries.

Each time I am touched deeply by the dichotomy of our stance on things. I am hurt and hopeful, equally, by our divide and (what seems to be) our decision not to heal.

This time, I am inspired to own a position in my healing process.

I am a Writer, Teacher, and Shaman. I write and edit the Inspirational Site at Bellaonline. I teach workshops on Whole Health Healing in & around Chicago, Illinois. I teach within my home and my homeschooling/un-schooling communities.

Shaman are defined as Spiritual Healers. As a Shaman, I inspire personal balance and wellness of the mind, soul, spirit, body, and wealth. With all of my human imperfections, I am dedicated to this purpose. This is my position.

Dick Gregory says that a community exists when a group of people live and govern together; versus a government that is separate of the people. We are not there right now and I do not profess to have all of the answers for getting there. I know though, that together we have peaceful solutions. I believe America is my community and I plan to serve it when and where I can.

For the rest of my life, everyday, I aim to inspire someone. I aim to inspire you to LOVE/HEAL.  That means, I aim to touch the most sensitive space in your very being.  I aim to awaken the power of healing/loving energy that resides within you and forces you to recognize your worth.  I aim to reach the very depths of your soul and bring you to a place of compassion.  I want to awaken the brightest light and the purest energy that willed you to LIFE.


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