Gender Equality


Today’s lesson is gender equality.

I have heard from Mother Earth (right now, I will not offer a definition for how that happens) that this is a time for Feminine energy (as carried by men or women) to rise. In the past, I understood that to mean that male energy needed to be diminished. Today, though, I have an understanding that together masculine and feminine energy must find balance.

The way it has been explained/shown to me is that women or feminine energy once managed the people. It was not a power position; it was a position of nurturing, organizing, and supporting the community. Men were hunters and gatherers. Shaman or wise elders were healers/advisors of the mind, soul, spirit, body, and community. Men & women were teachers (as school was simply passing wisdoms from one generation to the next). There was a counsel that included anyone and someone from each position. This setup created balance, productivity, inspiration, and harmony for the community.

How it works:

Feminine energy is nurturing, harmonizing, supportive, and peaceful; it is where ideas, planning/contemplation, organizing, and solutions begin. Male energy is where action, swiftness, muscle, and aggression exist. Men and women possess both masculine and feminine energies; one or the other tends to dominate. I have often seen one (feminine) as more valuable than the other. Today, I see that both are equally valuable.

For instance, what is the value in my seeing or knowing a solution if I do not act upon it? What is the value of moving on an idea without an actual plan or consideration of its affects?

Feminine energy is in harmony with Mother Earth. When feminine energy reigned, the Earth was able to provide for us and replenish with balance. Male energy rose, initially out of a need; many needs. When a community recognized that its resources were diminishing it would move. As it became more difficult to find accommodating lands and/or move the entire community to such pastures, male energy/action proved fruitful. With male leadership we were getting the job done quickly. As tribes began to move toward the same lands, the battles for that land became egotistical and competitive.

Male energy reign was valiant; a noble decision. Men were able to convince the community that they needed to be in control in order to secure, provide, and manage the migrations. They believed they were taking the weight and responsibility off of women in a time of serious endangerment from the environment. They believed their way was best and we agreed. Unfortunately, in the conquest, we forgot about the balance of things. We forgot that when you take from the land you replenish it by replanting the seeds of the plant. We forgot the value of speaking to the spirits of the wind, water, earth, and fire. We forgot to ask for solutions, protection, guidance, and peace using the power of meditation and prayer.

Eventually, we recognized the value of spirituality, but male energy took the parts deemed most valuable (like making medicine of herbs; taking only the active ingredient for quick answers) the parts that helped to control the community. With that they created religion and used it to increase their power and wealth.

Over time, ruling male energy has led to successful outer space discoveries, the internet, and more. Meanwhile, the lack of feminine energy has left us with an earth that is unbalanced.

It is time for feminine energy to reign again, but SHE must not devalue male energy. The two have to arrive at a point of peace, balance, and harmony. This collaboration must happen within each of us, then, within our households, then, within our communities, our countries, and across the globe. Where there is no balance, there is no peace.

Power is all in the mind. Human power is useless against Mother Earth & Father God (the sun, the action, the provider) as they replenish and renew the Earth. In order to provide for the inhabitants of Earth, SHE (Mother Earth) must first care for herself; the environment must undergo natural disasters (what we consider disasters). These storms, Tsunamis, cold spells, heat waves, are all replenishing and renewing the abundant resources of the Earth.

What can you/we/I do? Work on our own balance. Meditation and prayer are powerful; they are forms of spiritual communication. With experience and time they will bring you balance, peace, harmony, and guidance.

Change is usually difficult and the shift from masculine reign is no different. It is change that must occur. The more accepting we are of this shift/change, the easier it will be. This shift is not about power; it is about balance.  Mother Earth will replenish herself at all costs.  We cannot put her on hold.  We cannot ask her to make her survival convenient for us.  We can only adjust to the changes ahead of us.

Part of that adjustment is gender equality, and it must occur one way or another. We should choose the option of balancing now. Putting men first is not the solution. Putting women first is not the solution. It is time to bring both sides together.  It is time to collaborate and embrace the wisdom and actions of both.


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