3 days to go; detox day 7

I watched the Happiness Advantage with Shawn Anchor.  I am enjoying how scientist/Psychologist/Psychiatrist is using actual research to prove that Mind/Medicine really works.  It is the documented research that I have been hoping for, for years.

In his DVD Special, Shawn Anchor says he has 5 steps, in 21 days, that will bring you closer to happy.

Step 1:  Express gratitude for 3 things everyday; and nothing is to be repeated.

Step 2:  Write down a Meaningful Experience in your life.  Write out as many details as you can recall; the feeling, descriptions, sounds, etc.  This allows you to relive the moment, because your brain can’t tell the difference between the actual event and the clear recollection of the event.

Step 3:  Smile 3x in each day in situations you would normally not smile.

Step 4:  Spend 15 minutes indulging in a fun activ-ity (active being key here)

Step 5:  Have a meaningful communication (takes about 2 minutes) with someone, anyone, everyday.

These are things I also ask my clients to do, but I have not paired them together as Shawn has here.  The DVD is wonderful and is full of great suggestions for happiness.

Because research is not complete if we do not try it out, I started a Happiness Advantage journal.  I’m feeling great!  

3 days to go.


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