Clarity, detox Day 5


I have often stated that, “people that are overweight are not obese because they do not know how to eat or workout.  We are overweight/obese because we are covering up some emotional or spiritual fear; we are holding something back.  Creating a blockage in our energy, our bodies, and our growth; we are not releasing our greatest gift to the world; our true essence and what we came to offer.  And people that are underweight, due to an eating disorder, don’t believe that they are worthy.  They do not want to be seen.  They especially do not want their blemishes (self-established ideas of imperfection) to be noticed.”  I heard this once in a meditation, when Spirit was asking me to step forward and rise to the challenge.

Often, we create a private room within us that is a darkened sanctuary.  If we don’t let anyone or any love in, it gets darker and darker.  Some people allow it to consume them.  As a result, they commit crimes against themselves and/or others.

A simple detox can offer a cure.  Within that detox things like meditation and self-care add speed to the process, but a simple detox is a perfect place to begin.  It provides clarity; mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

Mental clarity allows you to listen, remember, and learn with a sharpness that may have been missing.  It allows you to have quicker responses to challenges and smarter solutions for the long haul.  It also allows you to see your worth clearer.

Physical clarity includes clearing your skin, killing off bacteria, removing toxins, cleaning your joints, melting pounds, and erasing cravings.  It also allows you understand how your body works and where you need to give it more attention.

Spiritual clarity allows you to hear Spirit.  It provides direction and understanding.  You are able to grasp spiritual solutions to the challenges in your life.  You are able to witness the synchronicity of your own life and become more aware of opportunities you are presented with.  Spiritually, you begin to gather that you are loved, unconditionally, within the Universe and that you have a purpose.

Emotional clarity allows you to forgive and release fears.  You begin to understand that everything is actually in divine order.  You begin to love more.

Financial clarity is in making decisions about where your money is coming from and going to.  During a detox, it is easier to gather your goals and make a plan.

It is day 5 of my detox and the clarity is creeping in, like the sun sprawling across a bedroom floor as the day passes.  It makes me beam with joy, light, love, and understanding.

Today, I am going to promote a book by Doreen Virtue, Constant Craving.  In it she offers answers to why you crave certain foods.  It is a look at how your emotional health affects your physical health.



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