Significance, detox day 4

Food can heal or cripple the body, mind, and emotion of a person.  A detox carries the toxins away and allows our energy and oxygen to flow.  It allows us to get back on track mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

On Day 4 of my detox, I greeted my local Grocer with my normal, “Hello Samuel.  How are you today?”  He responded, “I am well.  And even better now that you are gracing me with your presence.”  I laughed.  This response is so cute and becoming of older gentlemen, it brings out the sun in me.  “Thank you Samuel, I needed to hear that today,” I said.  “As well you should hear it,” he says.  “You are significant anywhere you are.  And anyone that you are considering spending your life with should light up when you enter the room, because he/she knows that your presence is significant.”

Wow! I love that.

Here’s a great book on detoxing.


I read detox many years after I began to detox.  It is written in laymen’s terms, by Denise Whichello Brown.  I love it!  It is really good at explaining why the good things you intake are good for you.  It made my efforts (and the words of my herbalist) make more sense; especially because it is written down for you to reference anytime.



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