Food, Rest, & Swedish Bitters; detox Day 2


On Monday, I enjoyed 2 bowls of broth and a salad.  I wanted to avoid food altogether for my first day, but Riley and I were doing some simple adding and subtracting.  My choices were sleep (because detoxing often renders you exhausted) or salad; the salad won.

I’ve eased into this well, but the night before I began I was up until 5am.  I ate a bagel & drank espresso w/cream and sugar (one of my favorite desserts – if you have been calling this a meal you are kidding yourself).

So far, so good.  I’ve not been too cranky.  I’ve had no caffeine headaches or strong sugar cravings.  I am craving an outdoor walk, but Chicago’s temps are below zero.

Last night I enjoyed a long, hot, salt bath and a good winter’s nap.  Thinking of it, I slept a lot yesterday.  Today, I am starting the day with Swedish Bitters.  While the taste is something less than desirable, I like them because they offer great energy while making digestive corrections in my system.  The history of bitters talks about how they were used to correct many illnesses in Sweden.  In the past, I have been able to fast for seven days and still run at least 4 miles (maximum 10 mile walk) each day because of the bitters.  Look into them and see if they are anything that could assist you.

Meanwhile, my skin is a lot clearer in only two days.  My joints, (though they had not been aching before) feel loose and light (detoxing gets rid of inflammation in the joints); I’m always surprised at this side effect because you don’t know that there is a problem with your joints until they feel like the joints of a teenager again.  My eyesight is sharper and my brain is clearer.

Doing exceptionally well.  Looking and feeling smaller.

I’ll keep you posted.


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