Today I feel…


No matter how many years I have held fast to a strong, personal relationship with God/The Universe/Spirit, I am always amazed by the miracles that take place in my life.  Often, in this lifetime, I have found myself apologizing for not acting swiftly or for putting someone else’s voice/concerns/fears before the voice that I can always count on.  Strangely enough, I am always forgiven.

Spirit says, “You pay for what you call sins, here on earth.  With ME, you are always forgiven, even before you do it.  You, though, hold yourself accountable and find yourself guilty over and over and over again for the same ‘crime/choice’.  Furthermore, you continue to make the same choice each time you are faced with it, no matter the repercussions.  In other words, I do not punish you.  I simply try to lead you to that which your heart truly desires.  Your choices grant or deny you the opportunity or punishment (as you deem it).”

Our moments of challenge are not meant to be experienced as punishment.  They are meant to be experienced as opportunities for learning.  If we remember this, we might have fewer incidents of repeating the same actions.

For ten years of my adult life, I hushed the voice.  I hid my personal relationship with God and ignored my calling in front of those closest to me.  I jumped on board with the many that seek things to prove their worth.  It was a hard life.  I filled my world with people that I did not admire or agree with, activities that meant nothing, and goals that I did not really want to achieve.  Within that time, I gave birth to 3 beautiful souls, each of them coming to remind me to get back on track.

I am back on track now, hearing the voice louder and clearer than I can recall in years.  It is amazing.  Over and over I am in a state of awe.  Each day, I rise with the brilliance of the sun, happy to be present.  I love my life just as it is.  I have a sense of gratitude far beyond any I have ever embodied.  I am thrilled to be alive.  I am happy for my experiences, for every present moment, and for all that is to come.  I am letting go of fear more and more each day.  I am enjoying my life.

I am doing the work that I have been called to do and it is fluid and healthy; mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

These days, I really do understand the power that I possess in manifesting my life.  It is enormous and miraculous; it is undeniably God.  I am the light and so are you.  I am beautiful and so is every other living thing on this earth.  I am chosen and so are you.

I am following the voice of Spirit in the work that I do.  I am disrobing every ounce of fear along the way.  Everyday, I am learning and growing and loving more than the day before.  This is my Hero’s Journey, my personal calling and it feels so absolutely amazing.  My heart sings with the ease of my current path and I watched the birds soar in confirmation.

My work is simple and poignant.  It is about reconnecting people to life, to Spirit, to love.  I am allowed to use my passion for whole healing, women, and girls and my abilities in spiritual coaching, writing, and hearing (the voice of Spirit) to do this work.  To those that come to me, I am grateful to be in your presence and to assist you on your journey.

I share this with you because I wish the JOY, love, beauty, and more, that I am experiencing, for you; today and for the rest of your life.  I am wallowing in it; expressing gratitude for it everyday, several times a day.  I want everyone in the world to experience this at some point in their life.  Be open to it.

I am in love with God and Mother Earth and all that they have bestowed upon me.  I am grateful for you and every living organism that I share this planet with.  Thank you for being in my life, in my world.

May we all know peace, confidence, and unconditional love within, forever and ever…Amen.

Today, I feel grateful, inspired, blessed, love, joy, happiness, confidence, and peaceful.


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