The Big Girl Detox


My angels were reduced to some of the worst fits during their detox.  That said, they never requested any fast foods.  On their last night, before starchier foods (breads, pastas, and oatmeal; but not sugar) were allowed back into their diets, we went grocery shopping.  I am happy to say that while they insisted on having pizza Friday (2 days later), they also requested tacos (lots of veggies  and no gluten here; sometimes you take what you can get when it comes to healthy & kids), and a whole ham for Saturday.

I asked them about their best eats during the detox.  Their list included:  Sorbet (frozen berries only), quinoa bowls (quinoa, broccoli, and sautéed greens w/onions & peppers), green salad (w/roasted chicken and salsa), & apples w/cinnamon.  🙂

I, on the other hand, am headed into the most intense part of my detox.  For the first 5-days, I attempt to do all liquid; green veggie juices, veggie broth, and tea (raw green rooibos is my favorite; helps me do without the caffeine).  At the same time I am cleansing the upper and lower intestines with a chlorophyll and water drink, psyllium hulls capsules, and colonics.  During the second 5 days I add heavy probiotics (RAW Probiotics 5-day formula).  If you are prone to Candida, like me, these probiotics are great at killing off the bad bacteria/Candida overgrowth.  That said, the die-off is so intense you feel like you have the worst case of the flu.  In response, I make certain to have a few more colonics to get rid of the toxins.  I eat only raw veggies and nuts and I drink lots of the same liquids from the first 5-days.  In addition, I flush my liver daily with lemon, garlic, and olive oil each night (If you are considering a Big Girl Detox, please consult your Health Care Practitioner).

A few of my more favored practices that I indulge in during my detox include:

1)  Daily Meditation;  3x per day in fact.  I use it to hear Spirit clearly and to visualize the successes of my detox

2)  Dry Skin Brushing; a long handle natural brush and long strokes help exfoliate skin, drain the lymphatic system, increase circulation, and reduce cellulite.

3)  Talk Fasting; simply be quiet for the first hour of the morning and one hour before bed.

4)  Oil Pulling; Sesame oil swished through the teeth for a minimum of 30 seconds, 3x per week for a healthier mouth, which is where a lot of health problems begin.  I also brush with baking soda & peroxide and I practice tongue scraping (to cleanse my tongue of the white, toxic show of thrash during the detox).

5)  Swedish Bitters; a terribly bitter, herbal liquid, that improves the operation of your entire digestive system.


I hope you consider a few of these practices on your road to whole health.

May you enjoy a peaceful detox and a happy life.


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