Detox Time 2014




Anytime a client or friend comes to me mentioning a physical illness I suggest they start with a good detox.  The type of detox you do will vary based on your habits, your health, and your overall goal.  As a Metaphysical Life Coach, I take you through a few steps that accompany the process of figuring out the best solution for you and I always suggest that you consult your healthcare practitioner for best results. 

My girls and I are doing our annual detox.  For them we start with 3 days of fruits, veggies, and real meat (chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, nothing processed) plus, one treat a day.  A treat consists of any one serving of anything not on the menu.  So, a sandwich, cereal, hot chocolate, or brownie would be considered a treat.  To drink, the girls are allowed unsweetened herbal tea and water.  The next 3 days comes with the same menu, minus the treat.  The next 3 days cancels out the meat (this part is easiest because my girls do not thrive on meat).  The last day is raw veggies only.  Finally, the girls are able to add fruit in one day, then, meat the next, anything except actual sugar for 3 days.  Then, they are allowed back into their old habits, as long as they are eating things at home (including sweet treats; no fast foods or pkup/carry-out); this way, I am aware of the ingredients.  Besides that, I do not purchase a lot of processed items for them to munch on.  During this entire process, my girls are being administered herbs, enzymes, and probiotics that help to break down and remove excess toxins within their bodies; and add in good bacteria.  Thus, there are a lot more trips to the loo and interesting co-dependence behaviors expressed.  This detox process occurs every January and every June for my girls. 

My detox is a lot more intense and thorough, generally climaxing to a fast (abstinence of all food) in combination with a series of colonics, and an intake of liver and intestinal flushes.  This level of detoxing is not for the faint of heart and is not suggested for every being. 

That said a detox is a cleansing.  A cleansing works well for whole health in that it creates clarity and good health mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally; which creates more mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity for better financial decisions. 

If you are considering a detox or cleanse of sorts, but scared of the challenge, try abstaining from other habits as a challenge to your capabilities of mind over matter strength. 

Check here each week for a new challenge throughout the month of February:

I’ll give you a heads up on Friday and we will begin the challenge on Sunday.  Chime in with your successes and your challenges.

Next step, get yourself a good Metaphysical Life Coach/Practitioner to help you through your detox process.

Yes, I have slots available this month, email me at


4 thoughts on “Detox Time 2014

    1. Hi Cheryl! That’s a great question.

      Caffeine has the ability to inhibit your body’s ability to absorb iron and other nutrients, it also dehydrates. That said, Caffeine has healthful benefits as well, like mental clarity, uplifting your spirit, and perking up your day. During a detox though, it is best to do without.

      While green teas (naturally caffeinated) are known for their healthful properties and can help to alleviate some of the caffeine withdrawal symptoms during a detox, it is best used as a slower release of other caffeines. In other words, you initially drink green tea as a caffeine substitution and slowly diminish the intake of green tea at the peak of your detox.

      During your detox, an increase of vitamin C and B’s, and/or an intake of Herbal Bitters can offer similar caffeine benefits without the negative side effects.

      Enjoy your detox Cheryl!


      1. Thanks for taking the time for this thoughtful response! Breaking my tea habit is the hardest thing for me–but I guess it’s what I really need to do to get a great cleanse. Thanks again 🙂

  1. Sometimes a detox feels overbearing!

    It’s day 7 of my daughters’ detox. Yesterday was gut wrenching! Each of my three beautiful daughters had a melt down. My four year old was crying, my 9 year old whining and cranky, and my 12 year old was on the floor, in the fetal position moaning and complaining.

    If you are unaware, these are signs of withdrawal. Those that have drug co-dependencies often display the same behaviors. It is one of the reasons that I say sugar is a drug (and yet, I am known as an amazing baker).

    To decrease the agony, I allowed each girl a hot chocolate (real cacao and some Ovaltine) plus, popcorn.

    Today they are back on track and doing well.

    If you experience a day like this during your detox take a moment and make a choice. Are you making a lifestyle change, something that will be forever? If so, give yourself a little relief and get back on track. By giving yourself a break you are more likely to remember during your new lifestyle that a small cheat here and there does not ruin new healthy habits.

    If this is a simple detox and you plan to return to your old habits afterwards, maybe you should keep going; push through it. After all, it’s only temporary.

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